Mobile App Review -1MG All about Medical Need

I am using this for quite a time and turned out to be a great app.

I have used this app during my whole pregnancy time.From searching online availability to getting the substitute, you will get all your medical query solved by using this single app.

what does this app do?

  • shows the content of the medicine.
  • shows the substitute of medicine
  • shows price so that you can compare between substitutes.
  • clearly mentions how the medicine work.
  • free online consultation.
  • shows the precautions after and before taking medicines. like, do not drive after taking the tablet etc
  • mentions who should not consume the medicine ex-pregnant women, lactating women, child of particular age.
  • can buy online at discount rates.
  • book lab test and sample collection from home.
  • shows side effects.
  • Find cheaper substitutes.
  • can buy Patanjali products too.
  • set reminders for medicine.

we can call this app as Wikipedia of medicine.

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