How to make your own named ringtone?

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Do you want to keep your name ringtone on your mobile? If yes, then this post is absolutely for you. Because I will give you all the information about making a name ringtone in this post. In fact, many people asked me how anyone can make a name ringtone.I have brought this post to you all so that you can create your own named Ringtones.

you can keep this type of ringtone …

Your phone is ringing … .. (Name Ringtone)

Please pick up the phone … .. (Name Ringtone)

Please answer the phone … .. (Name Ringtone)

Pick up your phone … .. (Name Ringtone) etc!

Frankly, making a name ringtone is very easy and here I am giving all the information. So let’s go and learn how you can set your ringtone to your name on your mobile. How to make your own ringtone?

STEP 1. Click below to go to this website from your mobile or computer.

Named Ringtone – Click Here

STEP 2. Then search by typing just your name in the box located there.

STEP 3. After searching, you will find many types of name ringtone below it.

STEP 4. Click on any name you want to put the name Ringtone.

STEP 5. Then you will get the option to download it.

STEP 6. Download it in your computer or mobile and after that, make your own ringtone by going to the sound settings of your mobile.

With this easy tricks you can easily make your own name ringtone. You can make your name ringtone and tell your friends with this easy tricks.

So friends, we have told you how you can make your own ringtone and then download it. Do not forget to share it with your friends, the Sharing Button is above and below the post.


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