Here are some tricks to see deleted WhatsApp group messages

Exclude Delete for Everyone: Here are some tricks to see deleted WhatsApp group messages

You might be thinking, what can be the easiest way to read a deleted message on WhatsApp – provided you are also so quick with your messaging skills.

The good method, virtually activity in plain sight, is to quickly choose a similar message and reply in seven minutes then press send.

The WhatsApp user of that deleted message might select those messages and delete it within 7 minutes of time frame but they don’t have the access to delete the message that has been replied to by any member of the group before 7 minutes of the time frame has passed.

But this method will only work on phones above Google Android 6 or 7.

Somewhere in Nov-Dec, a Spanish blog had searched some other way to check the deleted messages.

There are few ways to see those deleted messages. The First method is to install Notification History application from Android Google Play Store. After you install, open the Notification History application app and look for WhatsApp app icon and you can see those deleted messages.

The next way is to enter the notification log on your mobile manually. Just Long press on your mobile home screen and then select widgets from there. Scroll down till you find settings widget over there. drag that on your home screen. You can see there a new option with a list of options to choose from, you need to select Notification log. After that, you can always have this setting widget to directly lead you to your mobile notification history. When the notification log is opened, you will be able to view all your notification there. Please be aware that this notification tab will come up with all the intricate details of that specific notification, not just the text message you see.

The new Android Operating System, Google Android Oreo, doesn’t have this feature. You have to use the Unnotification feature of the app for this purpose. With the use of this app, you can even un-dismiss notifications and view the messages there.

If you are using ‘pure’ Android phone e.g. Moto and Pixel smartphones, you can see the setting widget in your home screen itself and you can use the notification registry from there only. But unfortunately, this trick will work with Android 6 (Marshmallow) or higher.




You can only see only first 100 characters of the message.

The messages in notification log save the messages only for few hours. Unfortunately, you cannot retrieve the messages after a long time

If you clean the notification log messages by using apps like cleaner, you will lose the message permanently and will not be able to retrieve the messages. The second fact is that if you restart the phone then also your messages will be unrecoverable.

You can only retrieve text messages,.you will get “This message was deleted” for all the images and video pings.


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