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This post was most recently updated on February 20th, 2018

I can completely understand your feelings and how a smartphone’s battery is so important. Because modern lives are very much connected with smartphones all time, their major concern is phone battery life. Many companies realize user’s concern at some levels, so they’re constantly developing smarter battery technology to make your smartphone’s battery last longer and longer i.e Android 8.0 Oreo introduces ‘background restricting limit’, and various other features for the same problem.

Here are some battery saving techniques which we can easily apply and get better battery:

To improve your mobile battery life you can try reducing the brightness on your mobile device or using black wallpapers on your android phone, but the following tips will also help you.

  • Monitor applications on your smartphone

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To start withOpen Settings>>Battery and find out apps which are running automatically in background which you’re not using at all. Analyse which apps cause more battery consumption. You can force stop such apps.

  • Listen downloaded music instead of streaming

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As many people listen music online but it uses all your smartphone’s battery power. I know it’s bit hard, but give it a try.

  • Turn off location tracking


Location-based apps use GPS, Wi-Fi constantly and result in drainage of battery. To disable location features, go to location services settings.

  • Turn off your wireless and unwanted connections


If you’re not using Wi-Fi constantly throughout the day. In your Settings, make sure that Bluetooth and the Wi- Fi are disabled under the Wireless and Networks tab. Go to More option under Wireless and Networks and make sure that NFC is also turned off.

  • Turn Off Account & Sync

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Go to Accounts and Sync in the Settings and disable the Auto Sync option. This will save you a lot of your phone battery, especially if you’re using several different services, including Email, Google, Twitter and Facebook. You can still set an automatic sync frequency, such as 3 hours, by configuring your individual apps, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Install an Ad-Blocker
    While browsing
    internet, mobile ads is one of the main factor of using you battery’s consumption. Installing ad-blocker helps to increase the battery life

That’s it! You will get the best results for your phone battery if you do all or most of these steps together and you’ll be surprised with the amount of battery that you can save by following these simple and helpful guidelines.



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